Municipal Pickup

J and R Enterprises serves the needs of the following Iowa communities with weekly municipal trash collection:

Garrison, Iowa (Friday)
Mount Auburn, Iowa (Thursday)
Luzurne, Iowa (Thursday)
Keystone, Iowa (Wednesday)
Vinton, Iowa (Monday-Wednesday, View Service Map)

Garbage Carts

How to use your garbage cart:

All garbage must be bagged, and the lid must be closed. We will not pick up bags of trash that is not contained in the cart.  No yard waste or recycling is accepted in the garbage carts.

Where to place your garbage cart:

Place the cart on a flat and level surface at street level at the end of your drive. Place your cart with the lid opening facing the street. Your cart must be placed in its designated spot by 6 am on your designated pick up day. Carts are to be removed from street side within 24 hours of collection.

Where not to place your garbage cart:

The carts cannot be within 4 feet of other carts, mailboxes, vehicles, telephone poles, trees, shrubbery, or any other obstructions. Carts cannot be placed under trees, power lines, or any other overhead obstacles. Do not place your cart on snow piles or tall curbs.

One (1) 95-gallon cart is provided to each residency. If the cart is lost or damaged due to neglect or misuse, a new cart can be purchased for $50.00. All carts are and will remain property of J & R Enterprises and are to remain with the residency for the duration of the municipal contract between the City and J & R Enterprises.


If your collection day is impacted by a holiday, your garbage will be collected on the next business day.  Any exceptions to this policy will be communicated through the city administration or J&R Enterprises via our Facebook Page.

Orange Stickers

Any item that cannot be accepted for disposal will be tagged with an orange sticker indicating why that item cannot be accepted.  This can be applied to either regular garbage service or recycling items.  Typical reasons include: non recyclable items, trash that is not bagged, mixed trash and recycling items, cans or bags that are too heavy, or cardboard that needs to be broken down.  Additional reasons may be provided and hand-written in by your trash collector.  In most cases you have the ability to resolve the situation on your own and your items may be collected the following week.  If you have questions, please contact us and we will help you.


Most municipal pickups include recycling service. Please use the blue recycle bin provided by your City.  Read about our recycling program.

Large Items

Need to dispose of a large item?  Read about your options with our large item disposal program.  Have a lot to do?  Consider renting a clean up dumpster.